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Focus, Lead & Co

Coaching - Training - Facilitation

Leadership & Career Coach

For people wanting to be the best version of themselves, 

to realise and achieve change,

to benefit themselves and everyone around them

"Don't be a slave of your mind - learn to take charge of it and be the leader of your life"


Coaching Leadership Development
 Improve self- and team leadership

Get your team moving
Spending money on well-being benefits that are not being used? Help your team with their mental fitness and motivation in order to achieve physical fitness.

Individual & team coaching,
Mental Fitness Training
Support each team member to be the best version of themself - manage stress, find motivation, lead self purposefully, communicate effectively.

Narrative Big Five personality assessments


Career Coaching

Develop in current role

Get clarity on your dreams

Find courage to change career path

Concrete job search support

Unexpected changes & redundancy

Self leadership & Mental Fitness

Manage your own inner dialogue

Be in charge of yourself

Positive Intelligence based Mental fitness coaching, build your 3 core mental fitness muscles for sustainable change and wellbeing

My passion is to help people realise all the things we can do with our mind and find their full potential in their career and life.


Get in touch if you are looking for an inspirational & educational talk:

Subjects include:

The Art of Feedback

Understanding motivation

Mental Fitness

Coaching leadership

Participants will reflect over their own skills, increase their own awareness and commit to action to move forward.


Career & Leadership Coaching

The mission of Focus, Lead & Co is to open the eyes of teams and individuals to their full potential. You don't need to settle for a mediocre existence - find peace of mind, improve performance and have healthy and positive relationships. Learn to lead yourself and your mind - not just be a follower and slave of your own mind.

Melinda Holmén has the most rigorous coach training through the Co-Active Training Insititue, (CPCC and LCF certified) and has also trained as a Positive Intelligence (PQ) mental fitness coach.


With leadership experience building teams and developing people internationally in the corporate world - having worked over twelve years for companies such as Moët Hennessy and Louis Vuitton, in charge of teams of up to 30 people and leading the most profitable retailer in Finland.


"I want to help people understand that you can affect your own life and how you feel each day - and give you the tools and self-knowledge to do this - as well as spread it onwards to your team and colleagues"

Member of the Finnish Coaching Association and EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Certified Narrative Big Five personality assessment coach.



"In the three coaching sessions with Melinda, I have learned how to be in control of my emotions while dealing with complex situations at work. I have learned methods to reevaluate the situation before reacting to it. I have also gained knowledge about how to motivate myself while making sure to create a healthy boundary around me.

Momena Raiyan, Fundraising & Training


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