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The mission of Focus, Lead & Co is to help people and companies do the things that will bring the biggest positive effects in their lives, but that they are for some reason resisting doing.

Learn to be with what you don't want to be with. 

Focus, Lead & Co offers solution based coaching both for teams and individuals. Solution based means that there is a focus on finding solutions, taking actions towards achieving results and growing awareness around what natural resources everyone already possess and strengthening those. 

The coaching is also based on cognitive science - through coaching you gain insight into how you think and how your thoughts can be re-wired, how focus can be shifted, in order to create new more beneficial ways of thinking.


Your reality depends on how you think -> how you think affects how you feel -> and how you feel determines how you act. 

Through coaching you increase self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Once you have awareness, you can make conscious choices and take responsibility for how you act.

Take action and do the things, that might be difficult, but that are most important for your own wellbeing and success. 

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Melinda Holmén

Certified Coach (LCF), currently in Co-Active CPCC certification ("the golden standard" within coaching, recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry).


With a robust experience building teams and developing people in the corporate world - having worked in Paris, London and in Helsinki with cultures from all over the world.

I see the person as a whole – as a Life Coach with a corporate background I can help whether it relates to personal or business life.

Having worked over twelve years for large global luxury companies that focused on coaching leadership (Moët Hennessy, Louis Vuitton), I learned to understand and appreciate the challenge and importance of doing the things we resist and find difficult - in order to grow as people and lead others. Leading my own team of up to 30 people taught me about building strong teams and the importance of addressing everyones challenges and strengths on an individual level. In 2020 our team achieved being the most profitable retailer in the country.


After the first time I worked with a coach myself and was coached in my role at Louis Vuitton, I was amazed by the clarity I felt after each session. It seemed like magic what my coach did - asking me exactly the right questions and making me think and look at myself from a distance. I experienced improvement in my time management as well as developed key people-management skills. 

Now as an accredited coach, I hope to give to others that same feeling of clarity and focus so that they can develop, enjoy more of what they do and contribute more to the world around them. 

Master in Business, MSc.

Member of the Finnish Coaching Association and EMCC.

My framework is within positive psychology and cognitive behavioural understanding.


Coaching available in English, Swedish and Finnish.


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Much in life comes down to what we focus on. When we are stressed our focus narrows and it's harder to see a large picture. Sometimes we end up focusing on the wrong things or we lose our talent to focus at all. 

As a coach I will help you expand your focus, to really understand what is most meaningful for you and your company or team to focus on. 

What you focus on is also what grows. Are you focusing on negative thoughts or are you focusing on positive elements in your life?

In addition, to achieve any goal, you need to focus on getting there. As a coach I will support you and help you to keep that focus. 

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Whatever you want to achieve, you must be able to lead yourself towards that goal. This means understanding where you want to go and what natural resources you have within you, that will help you get there. In coaching, your goals and dreams can be clarified as well as taking actions towards getting there. 

Once you have self-knowledge and can lead yourself, you can also lead others. 

Focus, Lead & Co develops managers to better lead their teams. To understand coaching leadership and what you can do as a manager to inspire, engage and develop your team.

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Co stands for the context and everyone around you. 

Once you know your focus and can lead yourself, your relationships around you will grow and you will feel more engaged in the world around you. 

I also strongly believe in the power of networks, and I work together with other coaches in order to always be able to put a suitable team in place for your coaching needs.

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