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Talks / key note speaking / webinars

Inspirational and educational talks about finding motivation, doing the things that make you uncomfortable, in order to lead yourself and others.

I strongly believe in the power of experiencing yourself, so whatever the topic, be prepared to get engaged, learn, experience and reflect yourself! All topics can be adjusted to the amount of time you have available. In my talks I hope to increase self-awareness, create clarity and empower the audience to take steps towards their desired goals. 

Bespoke online courses for companies also available - get in touch and we can design it according to your needs. 

"Puheenvuoro "Art of Feedback" oli todella inspiroiva, luonnollinen ja ihanan käytännönläheinen. Osallistujat kehuivat saaneensa hyviä työkaluja arjen työskentelyyn. Yhteistyö Melindan kanssa oli todella sujuvaa ja oli ilo sopia tapahtumaan liittyvistä asioista. Pidin erityisesti siitä, kuinka selkeästi Melinda toi näkökulmat esille sekä valmisteluissa että itse esityksessä. Suosittelen häntä mielelläni sekä isoille että pienille ryhmille, Melinda on syntynyt puhumaan ihmisille!" - Elina / VillageWorks"

Coaching leadership

Take your discussions to a higher level - learn to challenge your team , learn to make others think, create awareness in others and learn to listen.


Coaching leadership is a key tool and after this workshop you will also be able to pass on certain tools to the people you work with.

 Learn to engage your team, allowing everyone to grow and create more trust and bonds.

The Art of Giving Feedback

Giving feedback can be difficult and is something that I have struggled with personally to become comfortable with. In this lecture you learn why it is a struggle for many people, a concrete formula for giving feedback, as well as an understanding of when and how to do it.

Where is your focus?

In order to lead yourself and get yourself to do things - you need to understand where your focus is and how you can change it.

Humans genetically don't want to change, we prefer staying the same even if it is not a great place to be. 

In this workshop we work on how you can change, where your focus is - in order to lead yourself to greatness. 

Find inner motivation

Motivation consists of having a clear idea of where you are headed, an inspiring vision of who you want to be and what you want to do. 

Along the way you also need to find ways to feel rewarded and enjoy the journey. 

In this workshop visions are clarified and you gain clarity and awareness on what makes you tick.

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