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Building thriving teams where individuals feel well,
are productive and enjoy working with each other.

Lead yourself - in order to lead others.

Narrative Big Five personality assessment


A program implementing coaching leadership in organizations

Program includes:

- 6 days of teaching & group practice: learning key tools and ways of using them

- Individual coaching for everyone to develop with their specific challenges during following 6 months 


Many companies invest a lot of money on well-being perks that in the end go unused. 

Most people know why they should do more physical exercise,

but many still don't do it.

I work with people to help them find motivation, their way of doing things, to understand where their focus us - how it affects how they feel about training, and how to shift it.

Start enjoying physical exercise to support mental wellbeing and your own health.



Team or individual coaching to develop following:

Reduce stress & risk for burnout


Improve self-leadership


Increase self-awareness


Understand your own "inner dialogue" to make better and more conscious decisions

More impactful and intentional communication

Image by Dylan Gillis

What is the one thing - if you and your staff did it more often or differently, that would impact most your business?

What we resist - will prevail. What would you like to see more of in your team and company?

Often there is one thing that if everyone did more of, or even did at all of, it would have a significant effect on the business and everyone's wellbeing. What if everyone had a little bit more empathy, curiosity, open-mindedness or could take better decisions and act more clearly?


Through a combination of team and individual coaching, everyone gets to address their unique challenges, beliefs and ways of thinking, whilst ensuring everyone is involved and working towards the same vision.

A successful team also needs to know one another beyond the basics, facilitating this process and growing an awareness of everyone’s strengths and differences is also a key part of the process.

Having a vision and common ways of working, are not enough if there are underlying beliefs and thought patterns that hinder progress to happen on a daily basis. Uncover the hidden beliefes that hold your team and staff back - grow your mental fitness.

Melinda toteutti organisaatiossamme kolmen kerran coachauksia. Coachattavat pystyivät Melindan avustuksella jäsentämään omaa ajatteluaan, saamaan oivalluksia oman mielen hallinnasta ja siihen sopivista työkaluista jatkokäyttöä varten. Melindan toiminta on  positiivinen ja sopivalla tavalla haastava. Hän on joustava, kannustava ja rohkaiseva. Voin lämpimästi suositella Melindaa muillekin organisaatiolle esimerkiksi urapohdintojen, muutostilanteiden ja henkilökohtaisen kasvun tukemiseksi.

- Katri Manninen, Henkilöstöpäällikkö / HR Manager

I worked with Melinda for six sessions focusing on visualizing my long term goals, embracing change and learning ways to let go of old, less constructive, habits and thoughts. The sessions with Melinda gave me concrete ideas and tools on how to bring on and welcome change whilst embracing and learning to enjoy the best sides of who I already am. Working with Melinda gave me more confidence and peace and I definitely recommend her services to anyone wanting to fast-track to 2.0 of themselves and finding peace and beauty in the life they already lead. 


-Annika Schauman, M&A lawyer

Puheenvuoro oli todella inspiroiva, luonnollinen ja ihanan käytännönläheinen. Pidin erityisesti siitä, kuinka selkeästi asiat tuotiin esille. Suosittelisin sekä isoille että pienille ryhmille. Melinda on syntynyt puhumaan ihmisille.


- Elina Mattila-Tuori

How it works

Group coaching sessions can last anything between 2h – full day, depending on your specific needs and the time you have available.

For individual coaching 6-12 sessions per person is recommended, spread out with 2-4 weeks between sessions for optimal results. Individual coaching really allows everyone at a personal level to address their challenges, to articulate their goals and to understand how they think and act. First comes self-awareness, then the ability to take responsibility, make choices and change our behaviour.

Coaching can be delivered in English, Finnish or Swedish.

As a company and employee coach, I help my clients expand focus beyond the issue, to realise what the most important things are that they should be focusing on and what this can lead to. Allowing everyone to find their own answers and resources within them. Along the way I will support you to reach your targets and you will learn how to lead yourself and others to success and wellbeing. 

Coaching differs from training, as a coach does not come with an agenda and solutions. A coach comes with the right questions and the right structure for a discussion to allow teams and individuals to reach insight and find answers within them.

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