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"I learned concrete ways of de-stressing and relaxing that have helped in my overall wellbeing at work"



A structured way of working toward the type of career you wish to have

Get clarity on your goals and dreams

Gain courage to make changes

Concrete support in terms of CV / linkedin / application letters / job search channels etc.

How to "sell" yourself to possible employers

Discover your strengths and what motivates you

Interview preparation

How to make decisions / understand your inner dialogue


Understand how to run your mind & life - instead of the other way around


Discover your own saboteur & sage thought patterns

Build the mental muscles to be the master of your mind

Get clear on who you want to be in this life

What should you learn to say no & yes to in life?

What is your life purpose? What are your dreams and goals?

What does wellbeing mean to you and how can you get there?



"The best investment you possibly can make in your life - work with a coach"

- Jimmy Tjärnlund from Raw Clarity


Christer Olsson, one of the most successful coaches in Sweden was once asked, why do you mainly coach already highly successful individuals (CEO’s / top executives etc)? His answer: these people are successful, because they are interested in developing themselves constantly.


Do you also want to invest in yourself, develop as a person and be successful in your own life ? 


I worked with Melinda on a regular basis 2020-2021. Her way of listening and asking questions helped me clarify who I am and what I want to achieve. She helped me realise what I need right now and what areas I should focus on to develop further. Melinda’s coaching was of enormous help and support through a challenging time in my life. I highly recommend her!” - Pekka

"Melinda otti minut huomioon aidosti ja ystävällisesti. Valmennuksessa käsiteltiin tärkeitä teemoja ja sain Melindan ansiosta tehtyä paljon uusia oivalluksia elämästäni. Uskomatonta, miten syvälle asioihin päästiin vain muutamalla tapaamiskerralla. Pidin kovasti eri tehtävistä mitä sain tehdä ja keskustelut tehtävistä olivat antoisia." - Suvi

Helping individuals lead happier and more fulfilled lives by helping them set inspiring goals, gaining perspective on their current situation, and understanding what steps they need to take to reach their goals.


In coaching you get to discover and explore what is most important for you and how you can show up each day as the best version of yourself. In order to change, you need to realise how you think and how you can re-wire your thoughts to create more positive emotions in your life.


You are the expert of your own life. With the right questions and different tasks, you will gain insight into how you think and feel, and what you can do to change to reach your goals.


Book an appointment either in the calendar below or contact me for more available time slots.

Coaching also works very well alongside therapy - in therapy you often look backward at your life and understand the "why", whilst in coaching you look forward, take concrete steps, understand where you are going, and get to physically try new ways of doing things. Coaching is action oriented and focuses on the now and future. 


Book a free 30 minute discovery session, to see how we could work together and what you could get out of our coaching. 

The best way to understand the benefits, is to experience it yourself!

In a 30 minute session you will already gain some clarity and feel the positive effects coaching can bring to your life. 

6 x package

To experience true transformation, a minimum of 6 times is advisable. Change does not happen overnight, but after 6 times you can experience drastic changes and improved quality of life.

Start with a free 30min chat to see how we could work together. 

After 6 times, you will have new found motivation, a clearer image of yourself and where you are going, new habits made and old ones fading, tools to lead yourself and the strength to tackle obstacles. 

6x 1h = 820€

Yearlong personal
mental trainer

Work with a mental coach to develop your mind, just in the same way you work with a personal trainer to improve your physique.

Each month you pick a theme that is most relevant for you, while we build self-leadership tools that you then can apply to all kinds of situations in your life. 

Yearly package:

12 x 1h à 1440€

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