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Spread self-awareness, direction and motivation!

Is someone graduating from school/uni, turning an even number, is at a cross road in their life or you just simply want to see them maximize their potential?

Then this is the gift to give.

Maybe you could be that friend or colleague that changes the life of someone important to you?

Coaching gives increased self-awareness and well-being to find the best version of ourselves.

Anyone who has any kind of gap between where they are now, and where they want to be,

can benefit from coaching. 

If you truly want to create transformation - 6 sessions is considered necessary for long-term lasting results,

3 sessions will give someone a "taste of coaching".

Tasting menu

Give someone a taste of coaching.

In three sessions you can get clarity on your goals/vision, find your own values, decide on a path to take, learn tools to manage your mind and your daily life!

3x 1 hour à 450€

Your foundation

With 6 times, you can create a sold foundation for making conscious choices, for managing your own mind and thoughts, create new habits and gain clarity on where you are headed.

Find focus, lead yourself.

6 x 1 hour à 820€

Mental PT

Just like you take care of your physical health, give someone a mental trainer for a year. Each month we work on what is most important at that point - growing your three core mental fitness muscles.

Find your full potential and be the best you for yourself and everyone around you. 

12 x 1h à 1440 €

What can 3 sessions give?

"In three coaching sessions with Melinda, I have learned to be in control of my emotions while dealing with complex situations at work. I have learned methods to evaluate the situation before reacting to it. I have also gained knowledge about how to motivate myself while making sure to create healthy boundaries. It taught me positivity, new ways of thinking and new methods for coping with overwhelming situations at work and in life. I totally recommend others to attend coaching sessions with Melinda - it will enrich you with more knowledge on how to have a healthy work life." - Momena Raiyan


Coaching Gift Card

450 €

Give your staff/your partner/your friend the gift of self development and self discovery! ...

450 €
820 €
1 440 €

Giftcards are valid for one year (coaching needs to begin within 1 year from purchase)


How to redeem: by booking a coaching session from the booking calendar. Pick as payment option: "pay entire amount online or in person" and just add the gift card code in the textbox.

Alternatively, get in touch by e-mail to book and pay with a gift card.

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