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Coaching program:
You & your phone

Focus, Lead & Co offers a coaching package with the specific aim of improving your relationship with your phone.

Do you feel that your phone is interrupting your workdays, taking time away from other activities, constantly drawing you to pick it up and leaves you feeling exhausted and disconnected from what really matters?

If you want to gain control over the relationship, feel clarity and find balance, be in the drivers seat, sign up now for your first session!

By working with a co-active coach, you will be coached 6x over a period of approximately 6 months. By increasing your self-awareness, understanding what you might be escaping and longing for on a deeper level, by giving you tools to take control, your coach will get you to a state of you being in the drivers seat - not your phone. 

Background & reasons for the program

Mobile phone addiction is the new pandemic of the 21st century - disturbing up to 70% of the population, taking time away from being effective at work, taking time away from relationships, tasks  at home, studies. All ways to combat this global new tendency we have are needed, as it can lead to procrastination, mismanaged relationships, depression and lost action. Focus, Lead & Co is therefor offering coaching as one solution.

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Results already from previous clients

Previous clients have already after 3h coaching reported new found control over their own behaviour, the ability to choose how to spend evenings at home (and eg possibly choose to do a hobby/study instead of being on the phone). Clients have been able to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, and thus been able to control what they decide to do or not do. Clients have also been able to better identify how they really want to spend their time, what makes them happy & inspired, what do they want to achieve. Understanding what you are saying "yes" and "no" to in life makes it easier to make more conscious choices. 

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What the package includes

During 6 months, you are coached 1x per month, and assessed at the beginning and at the end in terms of: screentime, the feeling of being in control, awareness of own behaviour, passions & hobbies, behaviour at work/study/at home, so you can easily see the progress you make.

The focus during the 6 sessions:

1) where is your focus?

2) find your inner leader

3) what are you saying yes/no to in life

4) hearing more clearly the voices in your head (your self-critic/the hedonist/the smart one..)

5) clarify your passions/dreams/hobbies that you want to spend time on instead

6) personal choice of topic - whatever area needs to be strengthened


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